Promotion & Research Agency Survey

A group of Hemp producers from across Canada are proposing to apply to the Federal Government to establish a Hemp Promotion and Research Agency (PRA).
What is a PRA?
A PRA is like Provincial commissions or boards in that a levy is collected from producers based on sales of the crop. Unlike Provincial commissions a PRA is national in scope which better reflects the hemp industry and reduces administration costs substantially.
What's the Levy Amount?
The hemp producers involved in developing the application are proposing a 0.5% levy on the value of hemp seed and fibre sales. Hemp seed selling for 80 cents a pound would have a levy of roughly one-half of a cent with a 0.5% levy. Meetings with hemp producers in 2016 across Canada showed strong support for a national levy to support hemp research and development.
What have farmers said so far?
Of 119 producers, 114 support a mandatory refundable levy of 0.5% on sales.
To move forward with the PRA application, 50 % + of hemp producers must indicate they are supportive of establishing the agency. We are asking you to voice your opinion to the proposed application. Please check the box that reflects your opinion on the Application for a Hemp Promotion and Research Agency: *
If you do NOT support the application, are you:
Indicate the year(s) that you have grown hemp. *
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