Biolin Research Inc.



About Us

Biolin Research Inc. has concentrated its research efforts in finding ways in the field, in the pilot processing plant and interacting with end-use customers to make fiber containing crops like oilseed flax, fibre flax and hemp more profitable. We have also been a very active member of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) sub-committee on Flax and Linen to develop standards needed to grow the flax fibre industry in North America. Most of our experience can be easily transferred to the industrial hemp industry and in our pilot plant we processed both flax straw and hemp stalks. We have many connections with foreign fibre related companies, institutions, companies and academics. We have produced a range of fibre, shive and hurd types and have both repeat customers and potential new customers for these products. We now need to get much bigger to be available to supply the minimum monthly orders many potential users have as they try to incorporate flax and hemp fibers into greener products. We are seeking partnerships and additional investors to do this. We are situated about 50 km south east of Saskatoon and have large areas of flax (and potentially hemp) nearby.


  • Long experience in producing higher quality fiber from flax
  • Have set up and operated one of the only Canadian fiber pilot plants
  • Experienced in testing fibre properties
  • Situated in and near Saskatoon

Rep/Contact Info

Alvin Ulrich