News Release: 14/03/2017

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March 14, 2017
Press Release
For Immediate Release: March 14, 2017

New Project to Focus on Hemp Promotion and Research

The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance has received more than $91,000.00 for a Manitoba-based project to investigate the feasibility of a Promotion and Research Agency (PRA) for the hemp sector.

A PRA will allow hemp producers expand their markets and increase sales. An agency would provide a stable source of funding through levies collected on domestic and imports for research, market development and promotion.

“Last spring a number of producer meetings were held across Canada to gauge farmer support for the concept of a PRA. Approximately 25% of Canada’s hemp producers were present at the meetings and others unable to attend the meetings submitted information regarding their support for the concept via phone or online. There was 98% support for the concept from those that responded. This gave us clear direction to continue to explore the feasibility” says Reuben Stone, Valley Bio, Ottawa Valley.

Funding has been provided through Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative investing $176 million in Manitoba over five years. “As a long time hemp farmer in Manitoba I am pleased to see governments come forward with their support of the industry and its farmers”, says Don Dewar, Dewar Seed Farms, Manitoba, “by this fall our goal is to have an application submitted to the Farm Products Council of Canada.”

“For many years our farm has been participating in supporting the industry through a voluntary check-off. Many hemp producers have been participating and it has allowed us to undertake a number of initiatives including developing a Hemp Production Guide and ensuring that our concerns regarding regulatory issues have been carried forward to Health Canada. With the growth in the industry it is time for all to participate in supporting research and market development”, says Dalyce Brewin, Rowland Farms, Alberta.

The total project cost is $122,000, with remaining funds being contributed by industry.

“The hemp industry has tremendous potential but it will only be realized if we are able to invest in research. We have made progress on agronomic research but we have a long way to go” says Larry Marshall, Marshall Farms, Saskatchewan.

CHTA is a member organization of growers, processors and distributors of industrial hemp.  

For more information, contact: Larry Marshall, Marshall Farms, SK (306)-747-7430 Reuben Stone, Valley Bio, ON (613) 646 9737 Don Dewar, Dewar Farms, MB (204) 648-4649 Kim Shukla, Executive Director, Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance 204-326-9542