Export Permits to the USA after March 31, 2019

Notice to Industry


Export Permits to the USA after March 31, 2019

1. Exporters are encouraged to request Health Canada (HC) grant an extension for all existing export permits with expiry dates of March 31, 2019. 
The ability to apply for extensions is based on HC beginning to issue export certificates with 6 month expiry dates part way through March.  Prior to that, HC was only issuing export permits with March 31, 2019 expiry dates (when 2018 licenses were scheduled to expire).  This extension will allow for export shipments to take place on previously issued export certificates.

2. HC has confirmed that the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is no longer the competent authority issuing hemp seed import permits in the USA. 
While the DEA has provided guidance to their field offices that that they will no longer issue or require DEA import permits for hemp seed they have,as yet, taken no steps to issue guidance to the public or to governments of exporting countries.
Health Canada has contacted the DEA, the Canadian Embassy in Washington and American Embassy in Ottawa requesting direction on which organization (i.e. USDA or FDA) has become the competent authority for issuing hemp seed import permits or if import permits are even necessary for future shipments.

3.  HC is not able to issue new hemp seed export permits to the USA until the import permit situation has been clarified. Health Canada is fully aware that this is a very time sensitive matter, as seeding has already started in the Southern USA.  Health Canada  is also fully aware that large export contracts are at risk if shipments are excessively delayed.

The CHTA continues to support and encourage Health Canada  to seek a timely solution and to resume issuing hemp seed export permits to the USA as soon as possible.